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Art Select

Kardean's premium range features a variety of authentic and intricate stone and wood designs.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Da Vinci

The Da Vinci range offers classic slate, stone and slender plank wood effect options.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Van Gogh

A huge variety of designs capturing the character of real timber to suit any style.

Lifetime Guarantee*


Modern and fresh, larger stone tiles and wood planks designs.

Lifetime Guarantee*


The Michelangelo range incorporates metallic, pebble and mosaic tiles.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Knight Tile

Expect a wealth of different colours and designs, s and design strip options.

Lifetime Guarantee*


An innovative range, offering many benefits incl. sound proofing and easy fitting.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Palio Clic

Karndean's latest luxury vinyl innovation featuring a patented locking system.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Karndean Adhesives

Karndean's own premium recomended adhesive range.

Lifetime Guarantee*

What is Karndean?

Karndean is a range of luxury vinyl flooring, available in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes. Karndean flooring allows you to embrace the natural flooring look but without the cost or the hassle: every vinyl flooring option is authentic, easy to install and durable, as well as luxurious.

Why choose Karndean?

The Karndean flooring range gives you the option of a wood or stone-look floor, without the expense and the inconvenience. Karndean vinyl flooring is designed to look truly authentic, with hundreds of different colours, textures and styles available. You'll find that Karndean floors are incredibly easy to maintain, needing only a mop and the Karndean cleaner - while they are also suitable for homes with an underfloor heating system.

The brand has designed its flooring ranges to be tough and durable, coping even with the heavy duty use of both commercial and retail environments. If the floor does become damaged, you'll be covered with Lifetime Guarantee*s accross all Karndean ranges. In addition, damage does not mean replacing the entire floor: as a tile-based system, it is quick and easy to replace individual tiles if needed.

Our range of Karndean flooring is available at unbeatable prices, offering you exceptional flooring options that are incredible value for money.


Karndean vs other flooring

Karndean Design Flooring offers a huge number of benefits over other flooring types, as detailed below:

Karndean vs. Laminate Flooring & Engineered Wood

Laminate flooring and engineered wood can often look unrealistic, unlike the Karndean alternative. These options can also warp due to moisture and temperature changes, and can become damaged due to water seeping through and spillage. Karndean flooring is not only water-resistant, but also keeps its shape and looks incredibly natural.


Karndean vs. Carpet

Carpets are far harder to keep clean than Karndean flooring, and may harbour mites and other bacteria. Unlike Karndean, they are also unsuitable for underfloor heating systems, and can be costly to replace.


Karndean vs. Stone Flooring or Ceramic Tiles

One of the major issues with ceramic and stone floor tiles is that they are slippery when they become wet, which may cause problems in kitchens and bathrooms. The textured surfaces of Karndean flooring have been fully tested for slippage, making them ideal for rooms of all types. In addition, they weigh less than their stone and ceramic alternatives, making them easier to install and suitable for upstairs use. Karndean flooring is also warmer to the touch than these two flooring options.


Karndean vs. Hardwood

Karndean flooring is far easier to maintain than hardwood flooring, with no need for sanding, lacquering, staining and more. It also retains its shape, and is not warped by changes in moisture or temperature - while still offering the knot and grain features that are loved by fans of hardwood flooring.

Karndean Guarantee

Karndean offer a Domestic Lifetime Guarantee accross all ranges.

Karndean commercial guarantees range from 12 to 20 years. Art Select and Da Vinci ranges have a 20 year commercial guarantee. Van Gogh, Opus and Michelangelo ranges come with a 15 year commercial guarantee. Knight Tile has a 12 year commercial guarantee.

Karndean "Augmented Reality" App

Try before you buy and bring any Karndean Designflooring to life in your space with a brand new app for iOS and android devices.

Using cutting edge Augmented Reality technology, this clever app allows you to place any selected Karndean flooring in your home in real time.

Easy to use, you can check out what light wood planks look like in your kitchen and then swap it out for a light stone look tile, or maybe even parquet. You can also rotate the floor to test out different laying angles.

With access to the full Karndean catalogue via the app’s innovative Touch Selector, you really can view any Karndean floor you want, whenever you want.

Plus you can take snapshots as you go along, edit out walls and furniture and then save to compare. It's easy to email your creations to your friends and family to get those all-important second opinions. You can even post your favourites on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app. Getting feedback has never been simpler!

Get the App Now!

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    Karndean Van Gogh Herringbone Neutral Brushed Oak SM-VGW126T. Next stock in to us on Dec 6th as Karndean are out of stock. The system is set to accept back orders.

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